Nancy Lynne Gibson

Nancy Lynne Gibson

Executive Director

Join: 2015

Nancy is currently the Executive Director of the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, a BirdLife partner, and one of the oldest conservation organizations in Thailand. Under her leadership, BCST is leading in many conservation efforts to preserve the biodiversity of birds and nature in the region, as well as through international collaboration with BirdLife partners and corporate partnerships.

Nancy is also the Founder and President of the Love Wildlife Foundation, a non-profit working on protecting southeast Asian wildlife through conservation and education. Since the establishment of the organization in 2010, she has worked closely with the Zoological Parks Organization as well as government officials on welfare issues, slow loris conservation and captive management, as well as marine conservation. She has a B.A. in Biology (Pre-medicine) and 18 years of experience working with wildlife.

Nancy is a frequent advocate for wildlife protection as a keynote speaker in international schools and guest lecturer for international programs in Universities. Through the various conservation programs and campaigns, she has continued her efforts to conserve wildlife and run education programs over the last 14 years living in Thailand. Prior to that, she worked in wildlife education, husbandry and animal health in Los Angeles, California.

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