The Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST) is one of the oldest organisations conserving birds and nature in Thailand and is the country partner of BirdLife International. BCST’s role to the local community is to spread awareness about urban birds and reconnect people back to nature.

Our Vision

For sustainable coexistence between birds, nature and people

Our Mission

Through bird watching, nature education and direct conservation actions, we aim to raise the awareness of society of the importance of birds, their habitats and the natural environment and support actions towards achieving sustainable development

Our Logo

Dated back to 1986 when BCST was then a loosely-formed “Bangkok Birdwatching Club”, the Oriental Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis), or “Nok Gang Ken Baan” in Thai, has been chosen to represent the organisation. It is a smart, black and white bird that can be seen easily throughout Thailand, even within the busy downtown Bangkok. Because it has adapted so well to the urban setting along with its unique look and sweet melodious song, it is one of the birds that Thai people recognise the most.

To pursue our vision and mission, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

Support and promote scientific research-based conservation of priority birds and their habitats in Thailand and the region

 Expand public outreach, membership base and strategic and business partnerships to support BCST’s vision

 Be recognised as a leading national NGO that addresses bird and nature conservation issues in Thailand and Southeast Asia

The first Thailand Bird Fair was organised. Since then a bird fair has been held every year and has been a major event on BCST calendar.

Support began from RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) in order to address threats to Gurney’s Pitta at Khao Nor Chuchi.

BCST publishes the Directory of Important Bird Areas in Thailand in both English and Thai. 62 IBAs are recognised in Thailand following criteria established by BirdLife International.

BCST and the RSPB support establish the Chiang Saen wetland reserve.

BCST begins working with local communities in the Inner Gulf of Thailand

ONEP invites BCST to participate in the National Working Group on Wetlands. BCST has been participating in monthly meetings since then.

A study of land-use change in the Inner Gulf of Thailand since 1990 and its impact on globally important habitat for shorebirds, including many migratory species.

BCST hosts the Asian Bird Fair

BCST hosts the BirdLife Asia Partnership meeting

Supports Khok Kham Conservation Club to halt a solar farm project to be established on Spoon-billed Sandpiper wintering ground.

Receives award for “Best organisation that supports children and youth: environmental category”.

Signs an MOU with the Zoological Park Organisation of Thailand (ZPO) to work on the conservation of Sarus Cranes in Buriram.