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พื้นที่สำคัญสำหรับนก IBAs

  1. Asian IBA Conservation Strategy 2007 (Word 22 pages, 266 KB)
  2. แผนที่พื้นที่ IBA พร้อมลิงค์ไปสู่แผนที่ย่อยแต่ละพื้นที่
  3. ดาวโหลดข้อมูลของแต่ละพื้นที่
HRH Princess Takamado, President of BirdLife International, presents the Directory of Important Bird Areas of Thailand and the to delegates at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Bangkok , November 2004. Directory of Important Bird Areas in Asia

What are IBAs

Important Bird Areas (IBAs) are sites of international importance for bird conservation at the global, regional or national level, based upon standard, internationally recognised criteria.

IBAs are not only important for birds, but typically support a wide range of other important animal and plant species. Furthermore, many IBAs are also significant for human welfare and economic well-being through protecting catchments, providing flood control or as a source of natural resources.

IBAs are a practical tool for conservation. They form part of an integrated approach to conservation that also includes landscape, habitat and species-focused measures.

IBAs are a widely applicable and cost-effective means of identifying priorities and generating support for site-based conservation action. They include many areas of conservation concern that it is not practicable to include within the conventional protected area network for various reasons, especially wetlands, and some traditional agricultural landscapes.

In summary, IBAs are:

  • Critical sites for the conservation of birds and biodiversity.
  • Places of international importance.
  • Practical targets for conservation action.
  • Selected according to internationally recognised criteria.
  • Used to both reinforce and compliment existing protected areas networks.
  • Used as part of a wider approach to conservation.

IBAs in Thailand

The global IBA programme which began in 1985, is coordinated by BirdLife International . In Thailand, IBA work was coordinated by BCST as the BirdLife Thailand Partner. The IBA project was highly successful in jointly mobilising both non-government and government (Department of National Parks Wildlife and Plants Conservation) to nominate a total of 62 IBAs. BSCT’s publication , Directory of Important Bird Areas in the Kingdom of Thailand : Key Sites for Conservation was released in November 2004 at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, Bangkok .

IBA Follow-up activities

As the Thai Birdlife partner, BCST is currently participating in the BirdLife project Building mechanisms and capacity for safeguarding critical sites in the ASEAN region aimed at strengthening local capacity to conserve and manage IBAs. One of the IBAs most deserving of attention is the Inner Gulf of Thailand