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Records Round-up, June to mid-September 2014

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RECORDS ROUND-UP June to mid-September 2014


Seven Indian Spot-billed Ducks (เป็ดเทาพันธุ์อินเดีย) at Bung Boraphet (Nakhon Sawan) on 12 August (TNg), with two on 24 August (PJ), were unusual records, especially for the present season.

A Short-tailed Shearwater (นกจมูกหลอดหางสั้น) was photographed offshore in Bang Tabun Bay (Phetchaburi) on 15 June (SP/DMCR).

Short-tailed Shearwater (Puffinus tenuirostris)
© Surachai Passada / DMCR

Milky Stork (Mycteria cineria)
© Chamnan Phanthong

Single Milky Storks (นกกระสาปากเหลือง) were photographed soaring in a flock of Painted Storks (นกกาบบัว) over the Rangsit – Lam Lukka Expressway (Pathumthani) on 11 August (CPt); at Laem Phak Bia on 16 Aug (WL, UP, PDR et al.); and among Painted Storks at Khlong Tamru (Chonburi) on 4 September (TS). Approximately 125 Asian Openbills (นกปากห่าง) passed Khao Dinso (Chumphon) on 12 August, heading north-west (RDC) while three to four flocks totaling approximately 750 birds flew north past the site on 13 September (RDC).

A non-breeding-plumaged pond heron, presumably Chinese Pond Heron (นกยางกรอกพันธุ์จีน), was photographed at Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, on 11 July (AJ), with a definite (breeding plumage) Chinese Pond Heron on 1 August (AW). An Indian Pond Heron (นกยางกรอกพันธุ์อินเดีย) was photographed at Khok Kham (Samut Sakhon) on 13 July (SV). Seven Grey Herons (นกกระสานวล) at Laem Din, Thale Noi Non-hunting Area, (Phatthalung) on 17 July (TN), perhaps suggest the continued existence of a small resident population. Another Grey Heron was seen at Laem Phak Bia Royal Project (Phetchaburi) on 16 August (PDR, TB, JEM, TBb, WL, UP). A Chinese Egret (นกยางจีน) appeared at Paknam Prasae (Rayong) on 4 September (TS), with two at Laem Phak Bia on 9 September (SM).

Indian Pond Heron (Ardeola grayii)
© Sila Viriyautsahakul

Spot-billed Pelicans (Pelecanus philippensis)
© Suebsawat Sawatchuto

There were 12 Black-headed Ibises (นกช้อนหอยขาว, นกกุลา) at Laem Din, Thale Noi Non-Hunting Area, on 24 July (TN). A Glossy Ibis (นกช้อนหอยดำเหลือบ) was photographed in ricefields at Phak Hai, Ayutthaya (CPp, TTn) on 11 August. 20 Black-headed Ibises were seen at Khlong Tamru with a Spot-billed Pelican (นกกระทุง) on 18 August (WJ). Flocks totaling 106 Spot-billed Pelicans flew south-west past Sri Mahaphot (Prachin Buri) on 26 June, and at least 90 birds flew over Khao Hin Son (Chachoengsao) the following day (SSc). A Black-headed Ibis was seen with 82 Painted Storks at Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park (Prachuap Khiri Khan) on 27 August (TB).

An adult male Great Frigatebird (นกโจรสลัดใหญ่) said to have been captured in Kamphaengsaen, (Nakhon Pathom), was undergoing rehabilitation at WBCKU on 24 July. A Great Cormorant (นกกาน้ำใหญ่) was photographed on the banks of salt pans in Phetchaburi on 29 July (XXX). Another, an adult in breeding plumage, was present at Laem Phak Bia Royal Project on 16 August (PDR, TB, JEM, TBb, WL, UP).

A Common Coot (นกคู้ท) seen at Bung Boraphet on 28 August (SSp, JE) was a bird that evidently failed to migrate, having been present for at least three months previously (CA).

Indian Thick-knees (นกกระแตผีเล็ก) were photographed at Cha-am, Phetchaburi, on 11 July (PP) and seen at Hua Hin (Prachuap Khiri Khan) on 14 September (PL, BR).

Grey-tailed Tattler (Tringa brevipes)
© David Gandy

A Red-necked Stint (นกสติ๊นท์คอแดง) with Northern Hokkaido blue leg-flags was photographed at Puek Tian, Phetchaburi, on 2 July (TS/BBWRS). There were three Grey-tailed Tattlers (นกตีนเหลือง) with three Pacific Golden Plovers (นกหัวโตหลังจุดสีทอง), c.20 Lesser Sand Plovers (นกหัวโตทรายเล็ก), two Greater Sand Plovers (นกหัวโตทรายใหญ่), two Eastern Black-tailed Godwits (นกปากแอ่นหางดำ), 80 Eurasian Curlews (นกอีก๋อยใหญ่), at least 100 Common Redshanks (นกทะเลขาแดงธรรมดา), and two Common Greenshaks (นกทะเลขาเขียวธรรมดา) at Khok Kham on 12 July (DG).

The first arrived Wood Sandpipers (นกชายเลนน้ำจืด) were c. 50 birds at Hang Dong, (Chiang Mai) on 20 July (AW), and the first Common Sandpiper (นกเด้าดิน) at Mae Hia, Chiang Mai, on 24 July (WB). Single Green Sandpipers (นกชายเลนเขียว) were seen on 27 July in Chiang Mai at Ban Nong Machab, Mae Faek, San Sai, and at Mae Jo Agricultural Research Centre (AJ).  Approximately 30 Wood Sandpipers and a curonicus Little Ringed Plover (นกหัวโตเล็กขาเหลือง) reached Kasetsart University (Kamphaengsaen Campus) on 27 July (BL). A single curonicus was also detected at Mae Jo Agricultural Research Centre, Chiang Mai (AJ) on the same date. There were six Common Redshanks, nine Wood Sandpipers, two Common Sandpipers, and a Long-toed Stint (นกสติ๊นท์นิ้วยาว) on Ko Samui (Surat Thani) on 27 July (PB).

Waders seen by SR at Muang District, Krabi on 29 July included 13 Black-winged Stilts (นกตีนเทียน), c.20 Pacific Golden Plovers, 50 Lesser Sand Plovers, 35 Greater Sand Plovers, 20 Whimbrels (นกอีก๋อยเล็ก), four Eurasian Curlews, five Bar-tailed Godwits (นกปากแอ่นหางลาย), three Wood Sandpipers, two Common Redshanks, a Common Greenshank, three Ruddy Turnstones (นกพลิกหิน), and 20 Red-necked Stints. A juvenile Greater Sand Plover was photographed at Ko Chang (Trad) on 1 August (NC). The first Pied Avocet (นกปากงอน) was photographed at Laem Phak Bia on 2 August (TB) with two more photographed at Khlong Tamru on 21 August (PC).

There were two Ruffs (นกรัฟ) at Laem Phak Bia Royal Project on 2 August (SN), and ten Ruddy Turnstones and many Common Terns (นกนางนวลแกลบธรรมดา) at Khok Kham on 2 August (CPt). Also at Khok Kham on 3 August were 36 Whimbrels, at least 30 Eastern Black-tailed Godwits, a Wood Sandpiper, at least 100 Common Redshanks, 10 Common Greenshanks, 93 Great Knots (นกน็อทใหญ่), three Red Knots (นกน็อทเล็ก), approximately 50 Red-necked Stints, a Little Stint (นกสติ๊นท์เล็ก), a Long-toed Stint, four Broad-billed Sandpipers (นกชายเลนปากกว้าง), 200-300 Lesser Sand Plovers, and a Greater Sand Plover (DG). Three Whimbrels were seen on Bang Pea Beach, Phuket, on 3 August (PP).

Pintail Snipe (Gallinago stenura)
© Satit Chen

Little Stint (Calidris minuta)
© Satit Chen

The first snipe reported was a juvenile of either Pintail Snipe (นกปากซ่อมหางเข็ม) or Swinhoe’s Snipe (นกปากซ่อมสวินโฮ) photographed at Mae Jo Agricultural Research Centre on 3 August (AJ). Six more Pintail/Swinhoe’s Snipes were photographed in Chachoengsao on 13 August (SC) as were an Asian Dowitcher (นกซ่อมทะเลอกแดง) and two Great Knots at Khlong Tamru on 8 August (PC); a breeding plumage Little Stint and a male Ruff at Khlong Tamru on 9 and 10 August respectively (PC) and yet another Little Stint at Laem Phak Bia on 16 August (PDR, JEM, TBb, WL, UP). In Chiang Mai, Black-winged Stilts were seenat Chiang Dao (one on 13 July; CS); Hang Dong (five on 15 August, AW) with singles at Mae Jo Agricultural Research Centre on 30 August (AW, YC) and Mae Hia on 14 September (RK, AW). A Temminck’s Stint (นกสติ๊นท์อกเทา) reported from Kampaengsaen Scout Camp on 30 August (IS, AB) was an early date. A Common Redshank with a Malaysian ring was captured by local people at Tan Yong Lu Lo, Muang District Pattani, on 31 August. The bird was subsequently released (SB). Ringing details are still awaited. The first Grey-headed Lapwings (นกกระแตหัวเทา) were juveniles at Naresuan University, Phitsanulok: one on 1 September with three on the following day (PSk). A juvenile Lesser Sand Plover was photographed at Mae Hia (Chiang Mai) on 1 September (NK). There were two Asian Dowitchers at Khok Kham on 3 September (SC). A survey by TS on 4 September found Temminck’s Stint and Ruff at Khlong Tamru, three Asian Dowitchers, Great Knot, and Grey-tailed Tattler at Paknam Prasae (Rayong)

แถวบน ซ้าย-ขวา: นกทะเลขาแดงธรรมดา นกปากแอ่นหางดำ
แถวล่าง ซ้าย-ขวา: นกกระแตหัวเทา นกหัวโตหลังจุดสีทอง
Top left-right: Common Redshank (Tringa totanus),
Eastern Black-tailed Godwit (Limosa melanuroides)
 Bottom left-right: Grey-headed Lapwing (Vanellus cinereus),
Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva)
© Rungnapa Keereewan / Doi Chiang Dao Wildlife Research Station

Whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus)
© Sarun Keithmaleesatti

Red-necked Phalaropes (Phalaropus lobatus)
© Thiti Sornsa / Bung Boraphet Wildlife Research Station

The first Common Snipe (นกปากซ่อมหางพัด) was photographed at Mae Faek, San Sai, Chiang Mai, on 7 September (AJ). Five Pacific Golden Plovers and two Grey-headed Lapwings were also seen at the site that day (AJ). A Far Eastern Curlew (นกอีก๋อยตะโพกสีน้ำตาล) was seen among an estimated c. 2000 Eurasian Curlews at Pak Thale on 7 September (PDR, PCc, BCST). There were 60 Pacific Golden Plovers, an Eastern Black-tailed Godwit, and a Common Redshank, at Nong Leng Sai, Phayao, on 8 September (RKw). A Whimbrel photographed at Khon Kaen Fisheries Research and Development Centre on 11 September (SKm) was an unusual inland record, as was a Little Stint photographed in Chiang Rai on 14 September (CPd). There were 9 Red-necked Phalaropes (นกลอยทะเลคอแดง) at Pak Thale on 15 September (TS, BBWRS).

An immature Slender-billed Gull (นกนางนวลปากเรียว) was photographed at Pak Thale, Petchaburi, on 25 July (SM) and a Brown Noddy (นกน็อดดี้) offshore, west of Chao Phraya River mouth, on 28 August (SP/DMCR). At least 30 White-winged Black Terns (นกนางนวลแกลบดำปีกขาว) were present offshore in Bang Tabun Bay on 7 September (AB). A dark-morph Parasitic Jaeger (นกสกัวขั้วโลกเหนือ) photographed at Bung Boraphet on 6 September (CO, TS, BBWRS) remained until at least 13 September (FG).

Brown Noddy (Anous stolidus)
© Surachai Passada / DMCR

Parasitic Jaeger (Stercorarius parasiticus)
© Chalermchai Ouchan / Bung Boraphet Wildlife Research Station

Migrant raptors and landbirds

A presumed female orientalis Oriental Honey-buzzard (เหยี่ยวผึ้ง) was photographed on Doi Ang Khang on 23 August (PS). Two were also seen at Sri Mahaphot, Prachin Buri, on 3 September (SSc). The first migratory Peregrine Falcon (เหยี่ยวเพเรกริน) was seen at Muang Lampang on 11 September (SPp).

คาดว่าเป็น นกคัคคูพันธุ์หิมาลัย เพศเมียชุดขนสีน้ำตาลแดง
Presumably Himalayan Cuckoo (Cuculus saturatus); hepatic-morph female
© Supaporn Teamwong

Eurasian Wryneck (Jynx torquilla)
© Ayuwat Jearwattnakanok

A juvenile Cuculus cuckoo, presumably Himalayan Cuckoo (นกคัคคูพันธุ์หิมาลัย) was photographed at Rajabhat University, Chiang Rai, on 1 September (SMt). Another, a female hepatic-morph, was photographed at Khon Kaen University on 6 September (ST). Pacific Swifts (นกแอ่นตะโพกขาวแถบกว้าง) passed Khao Dinso on 2 September (TN), and two White-throated Needletails (นกแอ่นใหญ่คอขาว) were seen there on 3 September (TN, RDC).

The earliest Common Kingfisher (นกกะเต็นน้อยธรรมดา) was a male at KMUTT Bang Khun Thien on 30 July (AJP) with a juvenile (female?) at Bang Kapi, Bangkok, on 12 August (TL). An Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (นกกะเต็นน้อยสามนิ้ว) was photographed at Queen Sirikit Park on 23 August (JJ). A Ruddy Kingfisher (นกกะเต็นแดง) at Wang Burapha Pirom, Bangkok, on 2 September, was taken for rehabilitation (WBCKU). The first Black-capped Kingfisher (นกกะเต็นหัวดำ) was seen on 3 September at Bung Boraphet (KE), and the second at Bang Pu (Samut Prakan) on 7 September (WN). A Eurasian Wryneck (นกคอพัน) was photographed at Cho Lae, Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, on 14 September with two present the following day (AJ). There was a Blue-winged Pitta (นกแต้วแล้วธรรมดา) at Khao Yai Da, Rayong, on 10 September (CP).

Tiger Shrike (Lanius tigrinus)
© Ukadej  Boonyaprakob

นกอีเสือหลังแดง วัยเด็ก
Burmese Shrike (Lanius collurioides); juvenile
© Supaporn Teamwong

นกแซวสวรรค์ ชนิดย่อย incei เพศผู้
Asian Paradise-flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi incei); male
© Surachate Ruangmak

The first Brown Shrikes (นกอีเสือสีน้ำตาล) were sighted at Naresuan University on 23 August (MT); Chiang Mai on 25 August (WP: probably a female cristatus) and, in the peninsula, at Chumphon on 2 September (CN). There was an influx of six individuals at Suan Rot Fai on 7 September (DG). The first lucionensis was seen on Doi Inthanon (Chiang Mai) on 9 September (AJ). The first Tiger Shrike (นกอีเสือลายเสือ) was on 28 August (at Hua Hin: PL, BR). An adult was photographed at Wattana, Bangkok, on 31 August (UB). Sightings from other locations included Som Pan Beach, Ranong, on 3 September (PCk), Suan Rot Fai (Bangkok) on 5 September (WTn), Ministry of Public Relations (Bangkok) on 6 September (DG) and Khao Yai National Park on 7 September (WT). There were four Burmese Shrikes (นกอีเสือหลังแดง) at Kamphaengsaen Scout Camp on 30 August (IS, AB). Other records were a juvenile at Khon Kaen University on 2 September (ST), a male at Hua Hin on 5 September (PL, BR), Suan Rot Fai (Bangkok) on 7 September (DG), a male at Ko Si Chang (Chonburi) on 13 September (PK). Records of incei Asian Paradise-flycatchers (นกแซวสวรรค์) included first-winter birds at Nam Nao National Park (Phetchabun) on 23 August (SC), and Suan Luang Rama IX (Bangkok) on 31 August (TTn); adult males at Kasetsart University, (Bang Khen Campus) on 2 September (SR); the Ministry of Public Relations on 6 September (DG) and Suan Rot Fai on 7 September (NC).

The earliest recorded apparent migrant Barn Swallows (นกนางแอ่นบ้าน) were c. 25 birds at Bo Rai, Trat, on 10 July. TN also reported about 20 present at Thale Noi Non-hunting Area on 13 July. Eastern Crowned Leaf Warbler (นกกระจิ๊ดหัวมงกุฎ) was first recorded on 17 August at the Ministry of Public Relations (DG), with others at Suan Sri Nakhon Khuen Khan, Samut Prakan, (at least six on 31 August; UP, PL, TT, AE, BCST), Kasetsart University, Bangkhen Campus (three on 2 September, SR), Suan Rot Fai (three on 7 September, DG). The first Arctic Warbler (นกกระจิ๊ดขั้วโลกเหนือ) was ringed at Bung Boraphet on 20 August (NC, BBWRS). Three were seen at both Suan Rot Fai (30 August, DG) and at Suan Sri Nakhon Khuen Khan on 31 August (UP, PL, TT, AE, BCST), with singles at Kamphaengsaen Scout Camp on 30 August (IS, AB) and Suan Luang Rama IX (Bangkok) on 31 August (TTn). At least four presumed Claudia’s Leaf Warblers (นกกระจิ๊ดหางขาวใหญ่) were seen and photographed at Doi Chang Mub (Chiang Rai) on 12 September (NC).

Arctic Warbler (Phylloscopus borealis)
© Natthaphat Chotjuckdikul

คาดว่าเป็น นกกระจิ๊ดหางขาวใหญ่
Presumably Claudia’s Leaf Warbler (Phylloscopus claudiae)
© Natthaphat Chotjuckdikul

Yellow-rumped Flycatchers (Ficedula zanthopygia)
© Eak Anuphab

The first Purple-backed Starling (นกกิ้งโครงแกลบหลังม่วงดำ) was at Samae-san Island (Chonburi) on 7 September (WSs) with c. 40 birds at Muang Chumphon on the following day (CN). Records of Yellow-rumped Flycatchers (นกจับแมลงตะโพกเหลือง) included a female at Khon Kaen University on 13 August (WS), a first-year male ringed at Laem Phak Bia on 17 August (PDR, JEM, TBb, WL, UP), and an adult male at Nam Nao National Park on 24 August (SC, UP, BCST). Others were from Queen Sirikit Park (Bangkok) on 26 August (RP), Hua Hin on 28 August (PL, BR), Suan Rot Fai, (3-6 birds on 30 August, DG); Suan Sri Nakhon Khuen Khan (at least 8 at on 31 August; UP, PL, TT, AE, BCST); both Khao Khor Hong (Songkhla) (CR) and Khao Dinso (TN) on 1 September. There were two at Suan Rot Fai on 7 September (NC), and at least six coming to drink and bathe at a water source at Thai Prachan National Park (Ratchaburi) on 13 September (EA). The first Dark-sided Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงสีคล้ำ) of the season was photographed on Doi Ang Khang (Chiang Mai) on 23 August (PS). The migratory Eastern Stonechat (นกยอดหญ้าหัวดำ) was first seen at Mae Jo Agricultural Research Centre on 30 August (AW). Another was photographed during passage at the second checkpoint of Doi Inthanon on 2 September (WB). A Ferruginous Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงสีน้ำตาลแดง) was photographed on Doi Suthep on 5 September (IS, CW, CT). A migrant Hainan Blue Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงอกสีฟ้า), a male, was photographed at Suan Rot Fai on 9 September (WTn). The nominate-race Asian Brown Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงสีน้ำตาล) was first seen on 9 September at Khao Dinso (TN), and Taiga Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงคอแดง) at Huai Tueng Thao (Chiang Mai) on 12 September (WB).

Dark-sided Flycatcher (Muscicapa s. sibirica)
© Patrawut Sitifong

Ferruginous Flycatcher (Muscicapa ferruginea)
© Charlee Waradee

นกยอดหญ้าหัวดำ เพศผู้
Eastern Stonechat (Saxicola stejnegeri); male
© Woraphot Bunkhwamdi

Desert Wheatear (Oenanthe deserti); male
© Yingyot Tunorachorn

A male Desert Wheatear photographed on the outskirts of Chiang Mai on 13 September (YT) was a new faunal record for Thailand and, apparently, for SE Asia. It was only seen for a very brief period and was searched for in vain by other birders later that day.

A male Mrs Gould’s Sunbird (นกกินปลีหางยาวคอสีฟ้า) on Doi Ang Khang on 11 August (TS), and another photographed on Doi Inthanon on 7 September (CW), again raises the question as to whether this species might be a scarce resident breeder, as well as a winter visitor. The earliest Grey Wagtails (นกเด้าลมหลังเทา) were five at Mae Wong (Nakhon Sawan) on 16 July (AJ). Forest Wagtails (นกเด้าลมดง) were first seen at Nam Nao National Park, two on 24 August (YK, UP, BCST) with others at Kamphaengsaen Scout Camp on 30 August (IS, AB), Suan Sri Nakhon Khuen Khan on 31 August (PL)and Suan Rot Fai on 7 September (NC, TW). The first Eastern Yellow Wagtail (นกเด้าลมเหลือง) was a first-year bird with well-defined supercilium (probably tschutschensis), at Mae Jo Agricultural Research Centre on 30 August (AW), with an adult male at Laem Phak Bia on 31 August (PDR). Another flew past Khao Dinso on 2 September (TN, RDC), while three at Suan Luang Rama IX on 4 September included a male macronyx (RS, PCc). A bird apparently showing intermediate characteristics between macronyx and tschutschensis was photographed at Bang Pu on 10 September (KP). The earliest White Wagtails (นกอุ้มบาตร) were singles at Mae Jo University on 1 September, (TSp) and Muang Chiang Mai (race leucopsis) on the same day (WB). Richard’s Pipit (นกเด้าดินทุ่งใหญ่) was first seen and photographed at Mae Hia on 15 September, with species identification confirmed by flight calls (AJ).

นกเด้าลมเหลือง อาจเป็นลูกผสมระหว่างชนิดย่อย macronyx และ tschutschensis
Eastern Yellow Wagtail (Motacilla tschutschensis) possibly macronyx x tschutschensis hybrid
© Kanchana Pavitrapok

นกอุ้มบาตร ชนิดย่อย leucopsis
White Wagtail (Motacilla alba leucopsis)
© Teerapong Sawangpanyangkura

Richard’s Pipit (Anthus richardi)
© Ayuwat Jearwattnakanok

Scarce residents

There were two Black Bazas (เหยี่ยวกิ้งก่าสีดำ) at Khao Yai National Park on 7 September (WT). An Oriental Turtle Dove (นกเขาพม่า) was foraging in a ricefield at plains-level in Ban Nong Machab, San Sai, Chiang Mai, on 29 July (AJ).

There was a maculatus Black-naped Oriole (นกขมิ้นท้ายทอยดำ) at Hua Hin on 4 September (PL, BR). A leucistic Indochinese Bushlark (นกจาบฝนปีกแดง) was photographed at Sab Sadao, Thab Lan National Park, on 15 June (TW). A male Chestnut-tailed Starling (นกกิ้งโครงแกลบหัวเทา) was photographed at least 1,300 m above sea level on Doi Ang Khang on 26 June (PS). Six Black-breasted Thrushes (นกเดินดงอกดำ) seen on Doi Ang Khang on 29 June (where the species nests) consisted of three males, two females and a juvenile (AJ). Male Orange-headed Thrushes (นกเดินดงหัวสีส้ม) werephotographed on Doi Suthep, a known breeding locality, on 23 July (CT) and 31 August (YP, SSr, NS). Three Pygmy Flycatchers (นกจับแมลงสีฟ้าจิ๋ว) (male, female, and a juvenile male) were photographed at different locations on Doi Lang on 20 June (PS, SLk). This may be the first documented breeding of this scarce, and, in the Thai context, little-known resident.  A siamensis race Asian Brown Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงสีน้ำตาล) was photographed at Sri Satchanalai National Park (Sukhothai) on 6 July (TNg). A male Orange-bellied Flowerpecker (นกกาฝากท้องสีส้ม) was photographed at a new locality in Mae Moei National Park (Tak) on 22 July (WL, PDR).

นกจาบฝนปีกแดง สีขนผิดปกติ
Leucistic Indochinese Bushlark (Mirafra erythrocephala)
© Thanee Wongniwatkajorn

นกเดินดงหัวสีส้ม เพศผู้
Orange-headed Thrush (Geokichla citrina innonata); male
© Supalak Siri

Breeding records

A pair of Rufous-winged Buzzards (เหยี่ยวปีกแดง) fed a fledgling at Mae Hia, Chiang Mai, on 20 June (CT). Pied Cuckoos (นกคัคคูขาวดำ) (a pair) were photographed at Bung Boraphet on 18 June (CO/BBWRS), and additionally photographed mating on 10 August (TNg). A juvenile Chestnut-winged Cuckoo (นกคัคคูหงอน) was photographed at Wat Tham Pratun, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri, on 18 August (KA).

A pair of Banded Kingfishers (นกกะเต็นลาย) fed nestlings at Khao Yai National Park on 24 July (TK).

Pied Cuckoos (Clamator jacobinus)
© Thanarot Ngoenwilai

นกคัคคูหงอน วัยเด็ก
Chestnut-winged Cuckoo (Clamator coromandus); juvenile
© Khachachart Anontaseeha

นกแต้วแล้วอกเขียว วัยเด็ก
Hooded Pitta (Pitta sordida cucullata); juvenile
© Asi Bunyajitradulya

Two juvenile Hooded Pittas (นกแต้วแล้วอกเขียว) were photographed at Khao Yai National Park on 23 August (AB). A pair of Pied Trillers (นกเขนน้อยคิ้วขาว) was seen feeding a fledgling near Pak Panang, Nakhon Sri Thammarat, on 9 August (SN). A pair of Mountain Tailorbirds (นกกระจิบภูเขา) fed two fledglings on Doi Lang on 21 June (PS).

A pair of Orange-headed Thrushes (นกเดินดงหัวสีส้ม) (race innotata) was photographed gathering nesting material on Khao Khieo, Khao Yai National Park, on 6 July (KP). A pair of Dark-sided Thrushes (นกเดินดงเล็กปากยาว) fed three nestlings at Chong Yen, Mae Wong National Park (Nakhon Sawan) on 24 August (SPp, DSm). A pair of Brown-breasted Flycatchers (นกจับแมลงอกสีน้ำตาล) with a fledgling at Siriphum Waterfall, Doi Inthanon National Park, on 8 July (PS) was the second breeding record for the mountain this season. A Northern White-crowned Forktail (นกกางเขนน้ำหัวขาวเหนือ) attended a fledgling at Doi Suthep on 9 July (CT). A Black-backed Forktail (นกกางเขนน้ำหลังดำ) was seen with a fledgling at a different location on Doi Suthep on the following day (CT).

A breeding colony of at least four pairs of Asian Golden Weavers (นกกระจาบทอง) along Chiang Mai – Phrao Highway, Mae Taeng, on 11 July (AJ) may have originated from escaped or released cagebirds.

Contributors: BCST field-trips (BCST), Bung Boraphet Wildlife Research Station (BBWRS), Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR), WildbirdCare Kasetsart University (WBCKU), Chakapan Akapanthanon (CA), Khachachart Anontaseeha (KA), Eak Anuphab (EA), Tom Backlund (TB), Phichit Bhumadhana (PBh), Thattaya Bidayabha (TBb), Atiwat Booncharoen (AB), Ukadej Boonyaprakob (UB), Somsak Buatip (SB), Woraphot Bunkwamdi (WB), Asi Bunyajitradulya (ABj), Pinit Chaikun (PCk), Yanapol Chaiwoot (YC), Natthapong Chantana (NC), Satit Chen (SC), Pinn Chinalai (PC), Pornchai Cholchattakul (PCc), Natthaphat Chotjuckdikul (NC), Robert DeCandido (RDC), Thansuda Dowwiangkan (TD), Krairat Eiamampai (KE), Jirayu Ekkul (JE), Anupong Enija (AE), Dave Gandy (DG), Francesco Germi (FG), Natthawut Intawaree (NI), Pilan Jadoonkittinan (PJ), Worapong Jarunmethee (WJm), Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok (AJ), Waraporn Jeepota (WJ), Jirattapol Jhonsuk (JJ), Rungsrit Kanjanavanit (RK), Sarun Keithmaleesatti (SKm), Rungnapa Keereeewan (RKw), Pokpong Khamprasert (PK), Thanapat Kinglek (TK), Yuwaree Komolsawat (YK), Nattakorn Kongsri (NK), Thunyaruck Lapnimitanun (TL), Parinya Lerthattasin (PLe), Somchai Lertkasemsant (SLk), Wichyanan Limparungpatthanakij (WL), Benchaphol Lorsunyaluck (BL), Pranisa Luengratsameerung (PL), Sutti Malithong (SMt), Seri Manit (SM), Jonathan Murray (JEM), Thitisan Nakavirod (TN), Thanarot Ngoenwilai (TNg), Wittawat Noulin (WN), Chukiat Nualsri (CN), Sompong Nuamsawat (SN), Chalermchai Ouchan (CO), Somkiat Pakapinyo (SPp), Wilaiwat Panadit (WP), Chatchawan Panyaduang (CPd), Panom Paramuk (PPm), Surachai Passada (SP/DMCR), Kanchana Pavitrapok (KP), Chaiya Pewplapon (CPp), Chamnan Phanthong (CPt), Kamron Phetprayoon (KP), Punjapa Phetsri (PP), Chartpat Pholphak (CP), Somchai Phumphuang (SPp), Andrew J. Pierce (AJP), Yuwadee Ponpituk (YP), Utain Pummarin (UP), Rapeepong Puttakumwong (RP), Chane Rattana (CR), Philip D. Round (PDR), Surachate Ruangmak (SR), Busara Rungrattanakul (BR), Ingkayut Sa-ar (IS), Ruchaneechol Saetia (RS), Wachara Sanguansombat (WSs), Wangworn Sankamethavee (WS), Teerapong Sawangpanyangkura (TSp), Suebsawat Sawatchuto (SSc), Supalak Siri (SSr), Patrawut Sitifong (PS), Aukkarawat Somkaisri (AS), Thiti Sornsa (TS), Danai Srihmat (DSr), Ngamphrom Sukgosa (NS), Taweewat Supindham (TS), Siripannee Supratya (SSp), Pongsatorn Suttakarn (PSk), Chintana Suwawan (CS), Manop Taengtum (MT), Wilaiwan Tangngekkee (WTn), Wanna Tantanawat (WT), Thikumporn Tantivimongkol (ThT), Supaporn Teamwong (ST), Thanee Thongngam (TTn), Chan Tosintithi (CT), Yingyot Tunorachorn (YT), Sila Viriyautsahakul (SV), Charlee Waradee (CW), Apisit Wilaijit (AW), Thanee Wongniwatkajorn (TW); XXX Observer unknown.

Compiled on behalf of BCST Records Committee by Wichyanan Limparungpatthanakij and Philip Round.

Records may be submitted on BCST forum or the Thai bird report Group on Facebook

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