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Records Round-up, March to May 2014

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RECORDS ROUND-UP March to May 2014

This installment covers the end of the Palearctic winter season, and most of the spring passage migration. Besides the usual overview broad of records of scarcer or more significant species, we always try to use Records Roundup to improve understanding of the timing of migration by presenting records of passage migrants, even though many of these (e.g., Large Hawk Cuckoo (นกคัคคูเหยี่ยวใหญ่) and Black-winged Cuckooshrike (นกเฉี่ยวบุ้งใหญ่)) are common enough to be considered unremarkable when on wintering grounds. But records of commoner species are still valued, and are filed, even though they may not appear in this summary. The latest dates for common wintering species (e.g., Brown Shrike (นกอีเสือสีน้ำตาล) and Yellow-browed Leaf Warbler (นกกระจิ๊ดธรรมดา)) are always hard to obtain from records submitted.

It is clear the observers in Bangkok parks such as Suan Rotfai, Queen Sirikit Park, Rama 9 Park and Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan, contribute greatly to our understanding of migrant status through their repeated observation at the same sites during spring and autumn, and we applaud their efforts.  The intensive observation and ringing conducted on Ko Man Nai (island) also now contributes to better understating of the volume and timing of migration.  (The many regular Man Nai observers have not been mentioned by name in most cases so as to save space.)

Following custom, the locality is followed by the name of the province in which it is situated on first mention, but not thereafter. Order and nomenclature follows the online BCST national bird checklist


Waterbirds, waders and scarcer winter visitors

20 Garganeys (เป็ดลาย) at Thale Noi (Phatthalung) on 9 Mar (ID, PP) was the only record of the species received during the period. A single Baer’s Pochard (เป็ดดำหัวดำ) remained at Nong Bong Khai (Chiang Rai) on 7 Mar (NU).

An unidentified storm-petrel was reported off Don Hoi Lot (Samut Songkram) on 29 Mar (NU). The observer could not see whether it had a white rump, but the default assumption would be that it was perhaps most likely to have been Swinhoe’s Storm-petrel (นกโต้คลื่นสีคล้ำ).

Glossy Ibises (Plegadis falcinellus)
© Thanarot Ngoenwilai‎

Asian Openbill (นกปากห่าง) — an unprecedented concentration so far south of 300 in ricefields at Ban Khok Pila (Satun) on 12 May (RE). Glossy Ibis (นกช้อนหอยดำเหลือบ) —three at Thale Noi, 9 Mar (ID, PP) and two at Thung Kalo (Uttaradit) on 5 May (TNg) — is another waterbird currently in a phase of dynamic range expansion. A Eurasian Spoonbill (นกปากช้อนหน้าขาว), 2 Mar, Bung Boraphet, Nakhon Sawan (KI/BBWRS), was only the 3rd Thai record.

นกยางไฟหัวเทา เพศเมีย
Von Shrenck’s Buttern (Ixobrychus eurhythmus); female
© Nainaphon Kasinthorn

Von Schrenck’s Bittern (นกยางไฟหัวเทา), a scarce and under-recorded spring and autumn passage migrant, was reported from Kaeng Krachan, Phetchaburi (a male on 19 Apr, PB); with three females subsequently — in mangroves at Krabi on 2 May (SM, WO); at Kaeng Krachan, again, on 15-16 May (NK); and at Pattaya, Chonburi (a bird which was caught injured, and which died soon afterwards; YI).  The first three at least were photographed.

Indian Pond Heron (Ardeola grayii)
© Atiwat Booncharoen

Adult Malaysian Night Heron (นกยางลายเสือ) trapped and ringed on Ko Man Nai (Rayong), 21 Mar (GB, AJP, PDR). One to two breeding plumage Indian Pond Herons (นกยางกรอกพันธุ์อินเดีย) were present at Laem Phak Bia (Phetchaburi), 25 Apr to 18 May (TB, AJ) with another at Khok Kham (Samut Sakhon) on 25 May (TP) A sighting of eight breeding plumage Javan Pond Herons (นกยางกรอกพันธุ์ชวา) on mudflats near Thammalang (Satun) on 15 Apr (NU) suggests that the species is in the process of colonizing parts of the south.

An estimated 10,000-15,000 Intermediate Egrets (นกยางโทนน้อย) were said to be present at Ban Wang Pet (Phitsanulok) on 18 May (MT), the largest (and until relatively recently the only) known nesting colony for the species.

Red-footed Booby (Sula sula)
© Surachai Passada

Identification of a Red-footed Booby (นกบู๊บบี้ตีนแดง) photographed off Samut Songkhram on 23 Apr (SP/DMCR, ST/DMCR) was confirmed by Australian seabird expert David James, who considered it to be “ a juvenile moulting to second-cycle” plumage. A Christmas Island Frigatebird (นกโจรสลัดเกาะคริสต์มาส), said to be second calendar-year, was photographed off Khok Kham on 10 Apr (PS). Juveniles were reported off Chao Samran Beach (Phetchaburi) on 15 May (MS) and Samut Songkhram on 31 May (anon.)

Male Pied Harrier (เหยี่ยวด่างดำขาว) at Satun Airfield on 14 Apr (NU) The latest record of Greater Spotted Eagle (นกอินทรีปีกลาย) was two at Nong Pla Lai (Phetchaburi) on 10 Mar (TB). Slaty-legged Crakes (นกอัญชันป่าขาเทา) were found at Krung Ching (Nakhon Si Thammarat) on 30 Mar (PCh), Chiang Mai University on 14 Apr (ChT), and Ko Man Nai —at least two on 15 Apr–19 Apr, one of which, an immature, remained until 28 Apr. Another was found dead in a tree on 19 Apr (PP). Up to five Eastern Water Rails (นกอัญชันอกสีไพล) were present at Nam Kham Nature Reserve (Chiang Rai) on 5 Mar (AJ). A Baillon’s Crake (นกอัญชันเล็ก) was photographed on Ko Man Nai on 21 Apr (UT).

Slaty-legged Crake (Rallina eurizonoides)
© Piyapong Chotipuntu

Eastern Water Rail (Rallus indicus)
© Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok

Indian Thick-knee (นกกระแตผีเล็ก) four, Bung Boraphet, 16 Mar (CO). There were still 50 Pied Avocets (นกปากงอน) at Laem Phak Bia on 21 Apr (TB). An Oriental Plover (นกหัวโตขายาว) flew over Pak Thale, Phetchaburi on 18 Mar (DES). A single Asian Dowitcher (นกซ่อมทะเลอกแดง) at on mudflats at Nong Khan Song subdistrict, Muang District, Trat, on 1 Apr (WL, PDR) was a new locality for the species. Although 15 Asian Dowitchers were reported at Khok Kham on 1 Apr (CH) and 80 at Bang Ya Phraek, western Thachin River Mouth (Samut Sakhon) on 10 May (PDR, RZ), no counts for the key peak passage period in early Apr, when many hundreds should be found, were received. This is not good: the numbers of this globally near-threatened species need to be monitored yearly, especially as the Inner Thai Gulf is almost certainly a key staging area for most of the world population. Indeed, there was a woeful lack of counts submitted for any waders from the Inner Gulf for the spring passage period. Far Eastern Curlew (นกอีก๋อยตะโพกสีน้ำตาล) last noted on 27 Mar, at Ban Pak Thale (GE, NU).

Little Stints (Calidris minuta)
© Wichyanan Limparungpatthanakij

There were single Grey-tailed Tattlers (นกตีนเหลือง) at Bang Kaew (Phetchaburi) on 20 Apr (PeC); Ban Pak Thale, 27 Mar (GE, NU) and Ban Pak Mahad, (Muang District, Chumphon) on 9 May (CN). Little Stint (นกสติ๊นท์เล็ก), two, Khok Kham, 9 Mar (WL). The long-staying green-flagged adult female Spoon-billed Sandpiper (นกชายเลนปากช้อน), first seen at Khok Kham on 30 Nov 2013, remained until 29 Mar (SD). 17 Red-necked Phalaropes (นกลอยทะเลคอแดง) at Laem Phak Bia on 9 Apr (TB).

Black-tailed Gull (Larus crassirostris)
© Thitisan Nakavirod

200 Brown-headed Gulls (นกนางนวลธรรมดา) at Thale Noi on 9 (ID, PP) was an unusually large number so far south. A second calendar-year Pallas’s Gull (นกนางนวลหัวดำใหญ่) was photographed at Cha-am (Phetchaburi) on 7 Apr (WT) and an adult Black-tailed Gull (นกนางนวลหางดำ) at Thale Noi on 22 Mar (TN). A Bridled Tern (นกนางนวลแกลบคิ้วขาว) was seen off Don Hoi Lot on 29 Apr (NU). 50 Black-naped Terns (นกนางนวลแกลบท้ายทอยดำ) roosted on a buoy off Ao Makham Bom (Rayong) on 18 Mar (GB, AJP, PDR). Numbers declined thereafter as birds presumably returned to breeding islets.

The latest date received for the long-staying Bay-backed Shrike (นกอีเสือหลังแดงตะโพกเทา) at Laem Phak Bia was 26 Mar (BP).

Chestnut-crowned Bush Warbler (Cettia major)
© Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok

Manchurian Bush Warbler (นกกระจ้อยนักร้อง) female trapped and ringed at Bung Boraphet on 22 Mar (CO/BBWRS) A Chestnut-crowned Bush Warbler (นกกระจ้อยใหญ่) was photographed at Nam Kham on 6 Mar (AJ). Yellow-streaked Warbler (นกกระจิ๊ดอกลายเหลือง) seen at Sap Sadao, Thap Lan National Park (Nakhon Ratchasima) 1 Mar (NU). Two-barred Leaf Warbler (นกกระจิ๊ดเขียวปีกสองแถบ), latest record 7 May (two trapped and ringed, Bung Boraphet (KI/BBWRS). Blyth’s Reed Warbler (นกพงนาพันธุ์อินเดีย) trapped and ringed at Nam Kham on 29 Mar (WB). Latest date for wintering Large Blue Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงปากยาว) at Sri Phangnga (Phang-nga) was 3 Mar (IS). A male Slaty-blue Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงหน้าดำคอขาว) photographed on Doi Lang (Chiang Mai) on 23 Mar was thought possibly to show characteristics of the race minuta. Sapphire Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงหัวสีฟ้า), male, latest date 4 Apr, Doi Lang (PaS). Ultramarine Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงสีคราม) male at Thung Kik, Mae Ping (Lamphun) on 8 Mar (WB), with the latest date from Doi Lang, 17 Mar (PaS).  Female Black-faced Bunting (นกจาบปีกอ่อนหน้าดำ) ringed at Nam Kham on 30 Mar (WB).

นกจับแมลงหัวสีฟ้า เพศผู้
Sapphire Flycatcher (Ficedula sapphira); male
© Patrawut Sitifong

Scarce residents

Male White-bellied Green Pigeon (นกเปล้าท้องขาว), Phanoen Thung, Kaeng Krachan on 26 Mar (NU); female Ashy-headed Green Pigeon (นกเปล้าหน้าเหลือง) at Sap Sadao on 1 March (CB, RE, NU et al.).Two Thick-billed Green Pigeons (นกเขาเปล้าธรรมดา) in Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan (Samut Prakan) on 23 Mar (PC).

Two Black Hornbills (นกเงือกดำ) were seen at the south end of Khao Banthad Wildlife Sanctuary (Satun) on 17 May (ISa). Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker (นกหัวขวานด่างแคระปักษ์ใต้) up to 4 or 5 in mangroves at Thammalang, Satun 15 Apr (NU). White-bellied Woodpecker (นกหัวขวานใหญ่สีดำ) was heard on Ko Tarutao (Satun) on 24 Mar (ISa) and two Great Slaty Woodpeckers (นกหัวขวานใหญ่สีเทา) a day later, on 25 Mar (IS). Both these last are already known from other large land-bridge islands, and indeed at least one, possibly both, were previously reported from Tarutao.

นกกระจ้อยไม่ทราบชนิด (อาจเป็นนกกระจ้อยเขาสูง)
Unidentified bush warbler (Locustella sp.); possibly Russet Bush Warbler (L. mandelli)
© Dave Eric Sargeant

Pied Triller (นกเขนน้อยคิ้วขาว), two at Laem Talumphuk (Nakhon Si Thammarat), 12 Apr (NU) a known locality for this scarce species. Four Cinereous Tits (นกติ๊ดหลังเทา) in mangroves at Thammalang on 12–13 Apr (NU). 120 Nepal House Martins (นกนางแอ่นมาตินพันธุ์เนปาล) at the regular site Thap Boek, Phu Hin Rong Kla (Phetchabun) on 24 Mar (DES). Four Pale-footed Bush Warbler (นกกระจ้อยสีไพล) territories were found along the road to Doi Sam Muan (Chiang Mai) on 30 May (DES, STi). Another bush warbler at c.1200 m elevation, Chong Yen, Mae Wong (Nakhon Sawan) on 26 Mar (ID, DES) was neither seen nor photographed well enough to identify, but may have been Russet Bush Warbler (นกกระจ้อยเขาสูง) (for which there are no previous records so far south). Himalayan Cutia (นกขัติยา) on Doi Lang 8 Apr was said to be nesting and apparently videoed (PaS).

White-browed Laughingthrush (นกกะรางคิ้วขาว) (three birds) and Spot-breasted Parrotbill (นกปากนกแก้วอกลาย) (two) at Huai Nam Dang (Chiang Mai) on 30 May (DES, STi) may represent a southward extension of the known range of both species.

อาจเป็นลูกผสมระหว่าง นกเอี้ยงชวา และนกเอี้ยงควาย
Possibly a hybrid between Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus) and Jungle Myna (A. fuscus)
© Varangkana Thaotumpitak

An unusual myna in paddies near Trang on 8 Apr (VT) was thought possibly to be a hybrid between Javan Myna (นกเอี้ยงชวา) and Jungle Myna (นเอี้ยงควาย). A male White-bellied Redstart (นกเขนแปลง) photographed, and singing on Doi Lang on 27 May (PaS) extends the latest previous sighting by over one month and makes it highly probable that the species is a breeder there.

Red-throated Sunbird (นกกินปลีคอสีน้ำตาลแดง) male photographed at the southern end of Khao Banthad Wildlife Sanctuary (ISa, TW). Asian Golden Weavers (นกกระจาบทอง) (at least four) were apparently recorded nesting near Yala, in the far south of the country, is a major range extension, on 8 Apr (SaeT). At least ten Pin-tailed Parrotfinches (นกกระติ๊ดเขียว, นกไผ่) were seen at Khao Jeen, Thaleban (Satun) on 19 Mar (KJ).

Jerdon’s Baza (Aviceda jerdoni)
© Khachachart Anontaseeha

Migrant landbirds

One or more Jerdon’s Bazas (เหยี่ยวกิ้งก่าสีน้ำตาล) on Doi Lang on several dates during 13 Mar–15 Apr (WB, AJ, AK, et al). One was also photographed at Nong Klang Dong Reservoir (Chonburi) on 25 Mar (KA). Black Bazas (เหยี่ยวกิ้งก่าสีดำ) were noted on passage at several localities from 23 Mar onwards to 19 Apr (eight, Doi Lang, WB), with the largest number 500 over Hua Hin (Prachuap Khiri Khan), 2 Apr (TB). Four Chinese Sparrowhawks (เหยี่ยวนกเขาพันธุ์จีน) at Khao Luuk Chang (Phetchaburi) on 27 Mar (GE, NU) and one more at Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan on 31 Mar (NU).  Seven Japanese Sparrowhawks (เหยี่ยวนกเขาพันธุ์ญี่ปุ่น) were caught and ringed on Ko Man Nai during 15–24 Apr. Two Eurasian Hobbies (เหยี่ยวฮอบบี้ยุโรป) were photographed passing Doi Lang on 6 May (PaS).

นกคัคคูเหยี่ยวใหญ่ โตไม่เต็มวัย
Large Hawk Cuckoo (Hierococcyx sparverioides); immature
© Pornchai Cholchattakul

Chestnut-winged Cuckoo (นกคัคคูหงอน) at least 23 reported (12 March, Huai Mae Dee, Huai Kha Khaeng, Uthai Thani on 12 March (per wildlife sanctuary staff to 3 May (Suan Rotfai, Bangkok; BCST web-board);  Asian Drongo Cuckoo (นกคัคคูแซงแซว) just four passage migrants reported 21 Mar–9 Apr. Large Hawk Cuckoo (นกคัคคูเหยี่ยวใหญ่) nine records, 20 Mar to 29 Apr; six Hodgson’s Hawk Cuckoos (นกคัคคูเหยี่ยวอกแดง) during 20 March–8 Apr (Ko Man Nai: GB, AJP, PDR, WS et al). Indian Cuckoo (นกคัคคูพันธุ์อินเดีย) six: 16 Mar (Hua Hin, TB) to 23 Apr (singing, NU, Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan); Himalayan Cuckoo (นกคัคคูพันธุ์หิมาลัย) at least 15: (1 Mar, Singburi, RL) to 24 Apr (Ko Man Nai, SL); Pacific Swift (นกแอ่นตะโพกขาวแถบกว้าง) “many” still present Bala (Narathiwat), 20–21 May (WL).

Oriental Dollarbird (นกตะขาบดง), apparent passage (1–5 per day) recorded from Bangkok Parks and from Ko Man Nai (most), during 18 Mar to 29 Apr. Ruddy Kingfisher (นกกะเต็นแดง) 36 ringed on Ko Man Nai, 19 Mar–28 Apr; Black-capped Kingfisher (นกกะเต็นหัวดำ) last date, 29 Apr; Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (นกกะเต็นน้อยสามนิ้ว) six ringed, Ko Man Nai, 5–20 Apr.

Hooded Pitta (นกแต้วแล้วอกเขียว) 20 individuals, 5 Apr (Suan Rotfai, AS, UP, PL, ThT, per BCST Birdwalk) to 26 May (Rama 9 Park, Bangkok, NK). Fairy Pitta (นกแต้วแล้วพันธุ์จีน) five individuals ringed, Ko Man Nai, 9–18 Apr, with one to two seen as late as 24 Apr. Blue-winged Pittas (นกแต้วแล้วธรรมดา) noted on passage from 4 Apr (AJP, PDR) to at least 6 May (two, Bang Pu, Samut Prakan; many observers)

Black-winged Cuckooshrike (นกเฉี่ยวบุ้งใหญ่) 11 sightings, 29 Mar–23 Apr, (max. five on 31 Mar), all Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan (NU). Brown-rumped Minivet (นกพญาไฟตะโพกสีน้ำตาล) One, Ko Man Nai 20 Mar (GB, PDR); Ashy Minivet (นกพญาไฟสีเทา) many recorded from 27 March (two, Khao Luuk Chang) to 23 Apr (Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan, NU).

นกอีเสือลายเสือ เพศเมีย
Tiger Shrike (Lanius tigrinus); female
© Wichyanan Limparungpatthanakij

Tiger Shrike (นกอีเสือลายเสือ), Over 100 individuals (70% males), of which 87 were ringed, on Ko Man Nai during 12–30 Apr, when coverage ceased. Three others were seen elsewhere, the latest at Kaeng Krachan on 10 May (TY). Ashy Drongo (นกแซงแซวสีเทา) at least 25 sightings of migrants, most from Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan and Ko Man Nai, 18 Mar–3 Apr, of which 80% were pale and 20% dark migrants. Crow-billed Drongo (นกแซงแซวปากกา) At least 125 from 18 Mar (Ko Man Nai) to 7 May (Bung Boraphet, KI/BBWRS), most (110) ringed on Ko Man Nai. Hair-crested Drongo (นกแซงแซวหงอนขน) 20 sightings at Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan, 23 March–23 Apr with still five present on the last of these dates (NU). Japanese Paradise-flycatcher (นกแซวสวรรค์หางดำ), no fewer than 51 ringed on Ko Man Nai during 3–28 Apr. This compares with only ten migrant race (incei) Asian Paradise-flycatchers (นกแซวสวรรค์) during the same period. A male Japanese Paradise-flycatcher was also photographed at Bala on 6 Apr (TW).

นกแซวสวรรค์หางดำ เพศผู้
Japanese Paradise-flycatcher (Terpsiphone atrocaudata); male
© Sutee Laoharojanaphan‎

Yellow-browed Leaf Warbler (นกกระจิ๊ดธรรมดา) latest date 17 Apr (Ko Man Nai); Sakhalin Leaf Warbler (นกกระจิ๊ดซาคาลิน) and Pale-legged Leaf Warbler (นกกระจิ๊ดขาสีเนื้อ) a total of 112 ringed on Ko Man Nai during March and Apr, of which 26 were confirmed as Sakhalin Leaf Warblers (during 19 Mar–19 Apr), and only seven as Pale-legged Leaf Warblers (18 Mar-29 Apr).  Another 79 ringed during the same period were in the overlap zone on wing-length, but most were almost certainly Sakhalin Leaf Warblers.  A Sakhalin Leaf Warbler was also trapped at Bung Boraphet on 6 Apr (KI/BBWRS) and one was in song at Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan on 9 Apr (NU).

Eastern Crowned Leaf Warbler (นกกระจิ๊ดหัวมงกุฏ) 20 ringed, Ko Man Nai, 19 Mar–20 Apr, with a scattering around Bangkok parks in the first half of this period (PC, RS, NU). Lanceolated Warbler (นกพงตั๊กแตนอกลาย) eight ringed, 20–28 Apr with others seen. Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler (นกพงตั๊กแตนท้ายทอยสีเทา) 19 ringed during 19 Mar–30 Apr. (Passage of both species would be expected to continue into mid-late May).

Purple-backed Starlings (Agropsar sturninus)
© Sarut Thumjamras

นกกิ้งโครงแกลบแก้มสีน้ำตาลแดง เพศผู้
Chestnut-cheeked Starling (Agropsar philippensis); male
© Tom Backlund

A Red-billed Starling (นกกิ้งโครงปากแดง) seen and photographed on Ko Man Nai, with a few Purple-backed Starlings, on 19 Mar (AJP) was one of very few records for Thailand. 50 Purple-backed Starlings (นกกิ้งโครงแกลบหลังม่วงดำ) roosted at Laem Phak Bia on 19 Mar as did 400 at KU Kamphaengsaen on 21 Mar (SThu). Male Chestnut-cheeked Starling (นกกิ้งโครงแกลบแก้มสีน้ำตาลแดง) at Laem Phak Bia during 6–9 Apr (NU, TB). Orange-headed Thrush (นกเดินดงหัวสีส้ม) two ringed, Ko Man Nai, 11–12 Apr (WS et al.). Siberian Thrush (นกเดินดงสีเทาดำ), 11 ringed, 19 Mar–26 Apr, including a male G. s. davisoni on 20 Mar. Seven more Siberian Thrushes from four sites, 26 Mar–12 Apr, included a female in Queen Sirikit Park on 32 March (RP). White’s Thrush (นกเดินดงลายเสือใหญ่) on Ko Man Nai 21 Mar and another in Rama 9 Park on 7 Apr (many obs.). Eyebrowed Thrush (นกเดินดงสีคล้ำ) 122 ringed on Ko Man Nai during 18 Mar to 23 Apr.  Small numbers also recorded in Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan during the period, with largest count 19 on 31 Mar (NU).

Brown-breasted Flycatcher (Muscicapa muttui)
© Wichyanan Limparungpatthanakij

A Brown-breasted Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงอกสีน้ำตาล) caught and ringed on Ko Man Nai on 17 Apr (WL, AJP, PDR, WS et al.) was unexpected. This species breeds in the eastern Himalayas to northern SE Asia (including Thailand), and mainly winters in S Indian subcontinent. However, there are two previous probable sight records from the Thai-Malay peninsula. Peak count for Asian Brown Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงสีน้ำตาล) was c. 20 on 17 Apr. Ferruginous Flycatchers (นกจับแมลงสีน้ำตาลแดง) (five) were recorded from 24 March (Khao Khor Hong, Songkhla, CR) to 3 May (Kaeng Krachan, SV, VV). Dark-sided Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงสีคล้ำ) Khao Khor Hong, 22 Mar (CR), Ko Man Nai (27–28 Apr, two); Not conclusively identified flycatchers, either Brown-streaked or siamensis, from outside the known breeding range of either taxon, and assumed to be passage migrants, were seen on 3 Apr and 23 Apr at Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan on 3 Apr and 23 Apr (NU). At least ten male Blue-and-white Flycatchers (นกจับแมลงสีฟ้าอกดำ) at localities in south to north central, from 7 March (Khao Sanam Phriang Wildlife Sanctuary, Kamphaengphet, ISa) to Ko Man Nai (three, 6 Apr, PLe, VP, SR, BR, TT). One at Queen Sirikit Park on 23 Mar (MC, RP) was probably race intermedia. Four male Zappey’s Flycatchers (นกจับแมลงสีฟ้าท้องขาว): from 13 Mar (Khao Sok, SS) to 28 Mar (Rama 9 Park, MT). At least six females, either Zappey’s or Blue-and-white Flycatcher, were also recorded from 25 Mar (Rayong, CP) to 9 Apr (NU). Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงอกสีน้ำตาลอ่อน), at least 15, including 12 ringed, Ko Man Nai, 16-30 Apr and one at Bung Boraphet on 7 May (KI/BBWRS); Hainan Blue Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงอกสีฟ้า) one male, 20 Mar, Chinese Blue Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงพันธุ์จีน) 3 males and two females, 11–25 Apr, Ko Man Nai; Siberian Blue Robin (นกเขนน้อยไซบีเรีย) 240 ringed, 18 Mar–30 Apr. Mugimaki Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงดำอกสีส้ม) 11 ringed, 12–24 Apr; at least 15 others seen on Man Nai, and in Bangkok and Samut Prakan parks, 28 Mar–23 Apr (DG, NU). One at Khao Khor Hong, 22 Mar (CR). Yellow-rumped Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงตะโพกเหลือง) at least 64, from 25 Mar (Tarutao Island, Satun, ISr, TN) and Rama 9 Park (PC) to 28 Apr (Ko Man Nai). Narcissus Flycatchers (นกจับแมลงคิ้วเหลือง) – at least 8 birds, 19 Mar–14 Apr, five males and two females, from three localites: Ko Man Nai ( four birds: WN, AJP, PDR, WS et al.), Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan (three; STh, NU) and Krung Ching (one VT). Both the earliest and one of the latest of these were full adult males. One further male, was reported from Naresuan University (Phitsanulok) on the unusually late date of 29 Apr (MT). Green-backed Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงหลังเขียว) 11, including six males, ringed, 6–23 Apr; another nine seen in the field, including one from Thaleban (Satun) on 4 Apr (NU) and a male photographed at Phutthamonthol, 22 Apr (MM). White-throated Rockthrush (นกกระเบื้องคอขาว) 43 ringed on Ko Man Nai. 6–28 Apr; another (a female) at Tham Phet-Tham Thong Forest Park (Nakhon Sawan) on 11 Apr (KI/BBWRS) and a male on Ko Samui (Surat Thani), 8 Apr (PBh). Forest Wagtail (นกเด้าลมดง) at least 50 individuals, 3–26 Apr, with peak day count c. 15 on Ko Man Nai, 16 Apr.

นกจาบปีกอ่อนสีตาล เพศผู้
Chestnut Bunting (Emberiza rutila); male
© Natthaphat Chotjuckdikul

Little Bunting (นกจาบปีกอ่อนเล็ก), Ko Man Nai, 27 Apr (AJP, SPr); Chestnut Bunting (นกจาบปีกอ่อนสีตาล), Ko Man Nai, two, 18 Apr, WL, DES, ID et al.

Little Ringed Plover (Charadrius dubius jerdoni)

Breeding records:

Pacific Reef Egret (นกยางทะเล) At least three nests in low trees, including one nest with well-grown young on 24 Apr, Ko Man Nai, (WS et al.). Little Ringed Plover (นกหัวโตเล็กขาเหลือง) nesting at Khlong Wan, Muang District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 21 Apr (BCST Web-board) may be the southernmost breeding record. Small Pratincole (นกแอ่นทุ่งเล็ก): two pairs on eggs, Khlong Si Yat Reservoir, Chachoengsao, 20 Apr (NU).

นกแอ่นฟ้าหงอน เพศเมีย
Crested Treeswift (Hemiprogne coronata) female at nest
© Suwanna Mookachonpan

Crested Treeswift (นกแอ่นฟ้าหงอน) female incubating eggs, 11 May, Chiang Mai Airport (SM). Freckle-breasted Woodpecker (นกหัวขวานด่างอกลายจุด) female feeding young in the nest Nong Bong Khai, 6 Mar (AJ).  Bamboo Woodpecker (นกหัวขวานป่าไผ่) nesting pair at Wat Tham Pa Ar Cha, Mae Jan, Chiang Rai, 28 May (CS) in which the female looked possibly intermediate between Bamboo Woodpecker and Pale-headed Woodpecker (นกหัวขวานหัวเหลือง).

Black-naped Oriole (นกขมิ้นท้ายทอยดำ) pair nest-building at Phra Ram Ratchaniwet Palace, Phetchaburi, on 14 May (BP); Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo (นกแซงแซวหางบ่วงเล็ก) incubating at Phanoen Thung, Kaeng Krachan on 14 May (PT); Ratchet-tailed Treepie (นกกะลิงเขียดหางหนาม) at nest, Phanoen Thung, Kaeng Krachan 14–15 Mar (SM,WO); Racket-tailed Treepie (นกกาแวน) pair with nest material, 31 Mar (Suan Sri Nakhon Khuan Khan, NU).

นกจับแมลงอกสีน้ำตาล วัยเด็ก
Brown-breasted Flycatcher (Muscicapa muttui); juvenile
© Patrawut Sitifong

นกจับแมลงสีน้ำตาล ชนิดย่อย siamensis
Asian Brown Flycatcher (Muscicapa latirostris siamensis) at nest
© Suwanna Mookachonpan

นกจับแมลงสีน้ำตาล ชนิดย่อย siamensis
Asian Brown Flycatcher (Muscicapa latirostris siamensis) at nest
© Chintana Suwawan

Rufous-winged Fulvetta (นกมุ่นรกหัวน้ำตาลแดง), 3 nests, with two more under construction, Doi Inthanon summit, 9 Mar (NU) Scaly-crowned Babbler (นกกินแมลงหัวแดงเล็ก) incubating eggs, Sakaerat, 31 May (DK, NS); Grey-headed Parrotbill (นกปากนกแก้วหัวเทา) photographed at nest, Doi Lang. 5 Apr (AJ). Black-collared Myna (นกกิ้งโครงคอดำ) pair nesting, Phra Pradaeng, 28 Mar (NU). Brown-breasted Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงอกสีน้ำตาล) adult attending a recently fledged juvenile, Doi Inthanon, 3 June (DES, STi). Siamensis Asian Brown Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงสีน้ำตาล), pairs with nestlings at Chiang Dao 11 May (RK, SM, PaS) and Ban Mae Klang Luang, Doi Inthanon, on 13 May (CS). Black-backed Forktail (นกกางเขนน้ำหลังดำ) pair feeding nestlings, Pang Yang, Chiang Mai 14 Apr (AJ); Little Pied Flycatcher (นกจับแมลงเล็กขาวดำ) “feeding young” 17 May (AK); Copper-throated Sunbird (นกกินปลีคอสีทองแดง), female incubating, Thammalang, Satun, 5 May (WL).

Grey-headed Parrotbill (Psittiparus gularis) at nest
© Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok

Leg flag sightings: A Great Knot (นกน็อทใหญ่) in breeding plumage at Khok Kham 29 Mar, with a yellow leg-flag bearing letters EP, right tibia, (SC), was banded in NW Australia. A Red-necked Stint (นกสติ๊นท์คอแดง) with orange flag, Rayong, 1 May (SeTi) had been banded in Victoria, SE Australia.

Great Knots (Calidris tenuirostris)
© Satit Chen

Contributors: BCST Birdwalk (BCST), Bung Boraphet Wildlife Research Station (BBWRS), Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR); Khachachart Anontaseeha (KA), Tom Backlund (TB), Phichit Bhumadhana (PBh), Woraphoj Boonkhwamdee (WB), Pratheep Boonsriram (PB), Gerard Brett (GB), Colin Butler (CB), Petchpanom C. (PeC), Metee Charoensuk (MC), Satit Chen (SC), Pornchai Cholchattakul (PC), Piyapong Chotipuntu (PCh), Ian Dugdale (ID), Gordon Ellis (GE), Ronnaphon Engchuan (RE), Ray Evans (RE), Dave Gandy (DG), Yuwadee Inthuphuti (YI), Kultida Itthiporn (KI), Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok (AJ), Kawin Jiaranaisakul (KJ), Atiwich Kaewchum (AK), Thammarat Kaosombat (TK), Nainaphon Kasinthorn (NK), Daphawan Khamcha (DK), Sutee Laoharojanaphan (SL), Robby Lee (RL), Parinya Lerthattasin (PLe), Wichyanan Limparungpatthanakij (WL), Pranisa Luengratsameerung (PL), Montri Manunatawimonkrit (MM), Suwanna Mookachonpan (SM), Thitisan Nakavirod (TN), Thanarot Ngoenwilai (TNg), Wittawat Noulin (WN), Chukiat Nualsri (CN), Wiroj Onganunkun (WO), Chalermchai Ouchan (CO), Surachai Passada (SP/DMCR), Ben Petcharapirat (BP), Punjapa Phetsri (PP), Chartpat Pholphak (CP), Andrew J. Pierce (AJP), Tarapong Polboon (TP), Vetida Pongpanit (VP), Supat Prasobsin (SPr), Utain Pummarin (UP), Rapeepong Puttakumwong (RP), Chane Rattana (CR), Philip D. Round (PDR), Surachate Ruangmak (SR), Busara Rungrattanakul (BR), Ingkayut Sa-ar (ISa), Pinit Saengkaew (PS), Ratchaneechol Saetia (RS), Meud Sarakham (MS), Dave Sargeant (DES), Patrawut Sitifong (PaS), Wangworn Sankamethavee (WS), Aukkarawat Somkraisri (AS), Sakda Somwong (SS), Niti Sukumal (NS), Ike Suriwong (IS), Chintana Suwawan (CS), Maanode Taengtum (MT), Thiti Tanaree (TT), Wanna Tantanawat (WT), Thikumporn Tantivimongkol (ThT), Mett Thamwiwattana (MT), Saengduan Thanomwongthana (SaeT), Sukanya Thanombuddha (STh), Sarut Thumjamras (SThu), Sethapol Tiptongdee (SeTi), Chan Tosintithi (ChT), Varangkana Thaotumpitak (VT), Surasak Thongsukdee (ST/DMCR), Prapas Thummaseree (PT), Steve Tibbett (STi), Nick Upton (NU), Sila Viriyautsahakul (SV), Vichit Viriyautsahakul (VV), Thanee Wongniwatkajorn (TW), Tetsuya Yoshikawa (TY), Robert van Zalinge (RZ).

Compiled on behalf of BCST Records Committee by Philip Round and Wichyanan Limparungpatthanakij

Records may be submitted on BCST forum or the Thai bird report Group on Facebook

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